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Events: Experience in Excellence Awards

The University of Saskatchewan Students' Union An Experience in Excellence is actualized through recognizing those leadership qualities in an individual that better both the academic and non-academic environment for the undergraduate students of the University of Saskatchewan.

The purpose of the Experience in Excellence Awards is to show the Students' Unions' appreciation for those individuals who strive to enhance the student experience at the University of Saskatchewan. These individuals show us that one person can make a difference and bolster the image of our students, staff, and our University now and into the future.

The USSU is proud to announce a new Experience in Excellence Award beginning in 2011 and was created in partnership between the USSU and U of S Alumni Association.

Do you know someone that has graduated from the U of S in the last 5 years and is 35 years of age or younger? Are they actively engaged in their community and still connected to the U of S? Nominate them to win the Engaged Alumni Excellence Award.

2013-14 Excellence Award Winners
On March 30, 2014, the University of Saskatchewan Students' Union handed out the 2013-14 Awards in Excellence. Congratulations to all recipients!

Teaching Excellence Award
Selected by students, the Teaching Excellence Award recognizes those who have demonstrated enthusiasm, organization and fairness in evaluation, providing exceptional commitment and support to their classrooms. The 2013-14 winners are:

  • Alec Aitken - Geography and Planning
  • Carla Orosz - Drama
  • Scott Napper - Biochemistry
  • Paul Orlowski - Educational Foundations
  • Dean McNeill - Music
  • Monica Popa - Management and Marketing
  • Kathryn Labelle - History
  • John Moffatt - Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development
  • James Smith - Accounting
  • Tansley David - Languages and Linguistics
  • Qin Xiang (Instructional Support) - Religion and Culture

USSU Centre Awards
The USSU Centre Awards recognize those among the University of Saskatchewan faculty, staff, students and alumni who have demonstrated leadership and courage in advancing the quality of life in support of those experiencing outstanding struggles. The 2013-14 winners are:

  • Sarah Woloschuk: Pride Centre Doug Wilson Award 
  • Jane Rolandi: Help Centre Award
  • Krista Bloski: Women’s Centre Award

Doug Favell Staff Spirit Award
This award recognizes non-academic staff members who are responsible for enhancing the student experience. The 2013-14 winners are:

  • Russell Isinger: U of S Staff Member
  • Peggy Pfeil: USSU Staff Member
  • Walter Escamilla: USSU Staff Member

Engaged Alumni Excellence Award
The Engaged Alumni Excellence Award is given to an alumnus who is actively engaged in their community and has maintained a strong connection to the alumni of the university, who has graduated in the past five years, and is 35 years of age or younger. The 2013-14 winner is:

  • Stavros Stavrou

Vera Pezer Award for Student Enhancement
This award is presented to U of S student volunteers who have given their time and energy to ensure that non-academic facets of the student experience are enhanced. The 2013-14 winners are:

  • Jon Herriot: Member of Student Council
  • Dylan Lambi-Raine: USSU Centres
  • Alicia Thatcher: Volunteerism
  • Religion and Culture Students' Society: Campus Group of the Year

Academic Advising Award
This award honors outstanding delivery of Academic Advising at the University of Saskatchewan and serves to recognize the importance Academic Advising has on enhancing the student experience. The 2013-14 winner is:

  • Sheila Watts - College of Nursing

Walter Murray Leadership Award
This award is presented to a student who has provided leadership beyond the call of duty in enhancing the student experience at the University of Saskatchewan. The 2013-14 winner is:

  • Scott Adams
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