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Governance: Student Fees

In order to maintain programs and services that benefit the U of S student population, the USSU collects fees. Please review the fees listed below, and the programs and services they support.


Full-Time On Campus Undergraduate Students
Students’ Union $71.72
Health and Dental Plan $247.69
Student Infrastructure Fee $113.04
U-PASS ($74.62 per term) $149.24

Part-Time On Campus Undergraduate Students
Students’ Union $35.86
Student Infrastructure Fee $56.52
U-PASS ($74.62 per term) $149.24

Off-Campus and Audit Only Students
Students’ Union $35.86
Student Infrastructure Fee $56.52

Students' Union
The USSU fee is used to fund Students' Union governance and services. For more information click on the following links for the USSU's governing structure and services.

Health and Dental Plan
In the spring of 2001, students voted in favour of an extended health and dental plan. The USSU Health & Dental Plan provides a comprehensive package of health, dental, vision and travel benefits to fill the gaps left by provincial medicare and a parent or spouse's plan. For questions about your coverage status, plan details, enrolment and opt out deadlines, contact at, call 1-877-795-4428 (toll-free) or visit the Health & Dental Plan Office in Place Riel.

Student Infrastructure Fee
In March 2003 students voted to implement the Student Infrastructure Fee for the purpose of constructing and sustaining student buildings. For more information on these student fees contact the Students' Union at 966-6960, or drop in to Room 110 Place Riel.

On a trial basis in 2006 undergraduate students voted to implement a mandatory U-Pass systems, this was made permanent in 2008. For further information see

Payment Deadlines

  • Spring Term May 10, 2013
  • Summer Term July 2, 2013
  • Fall Term September 30, 2013
  • Winter Term January 31, 2014

To check your current account, log in to PAWS.

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